One to One & Executive Coaching

Futureproof offer one to one and executive coaching support for all development levels across an organisation.  Selecting from a coaching team of 30 plus, during an initial ‘chemistry call’ meeting we can quickly and confidently match the right Coach to Coachee. Our approach to setting up a coaching relationship is outlined below.

1. Coaching Support in Practice

  • Coaching session one, the first 30 minutes is allocated to a three-way development discussion with the Coach / Coachee & Coachee’s Line Manager / Sponsor to identify / agree development objectives
  • All coaching conversations will be confidential and provide Coachees with a safe and supportive space to discuss a range of development topics and situations.

2. Identification of individual development goals & measuring progress

  • Why me? Why now? Why coaching? How will it link to my role / my progression?
  • Optional Development Tools to help identify development objectives
    • Personality profiling tools / 360 degree feedback / Pulse / Staff Attitude Surveys
  • Measuring Progress – at the end of each session Coachees will be asked to reflect on the key learning outcomes that they have identified and what ‘back to work’ actions they need to implement to achieve these. 

3. Briefing Line Managers / Sponsors

  • How can we work together to best support a person’s development needs
    • Pre-coaching development discussion & clear objectives, regular discussions throughout, linked to business objectives &  key learning outcomes
    • Shadowing activities ~ exposure to higher level meetings / discussions
    • Business Projects ~ to provide stretch, give increased responsibility and test their ability to think differently