Being a great Manager isn’t just about managing

As we move into a post lockdown era, many businesses seem to be busier than ever trying to meet the demands of their customers / clients. During this busy time, it’s going to be fundamentally important to provide people managers with the core skills, knowledge and behaviours required to lead and guide their teams effectively.

Good managers are essential to any successful organisation and many believe that the key to being a good manager is to be able to attract, develop, work with and support their people.  Good managers achieve goals through hard working, productive and effective teams.  Exceptional managers attract exceptional staff; they make the organisation a preferred employer; they help to increase market share; add to profits and reduce costs. Simply put, their staff are engaged, committed and ‘go the extra mile’.

So what makes a good manager?  Many believe it’s the relationship between the manager and their team that is key.  Good relationships are based on trust, commitment, energy and engagement, and a good manager has the ability and behaviour to galvanise those attributes and build a cohesive team.

Good managers coach, counsel, they listen, they learn from their teams, they support and help those who are struggling for whatever reason.

Good managers seek feedback, they communicate, delegate and trust those who they delegate to, they develop, empower and motivate.

Good managers communicate upwards, shine a light and shine the spotlight, they show compassion and care genuinely care about their teams.

Good managers adapt, are flexible and embrace change, they coordinate, they don’t over-control, they plan and observe what’s coming and adjust accordingly.

On the flip side, good managers do not micro-manage or spoon-feed, they don’t underestimate the need to define goals, don’t lead with their ego’s and don’t display favouritism.

This is, and will be, an ever changing list of attributes, but it’s the managers who take pride in their teams, nurture and support who will continue to thrive in the busiest times.

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