Do you Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Do your negative feelings stop you from achieving your dream!

Millions of successful people across the world have fears of inadequacy despite achieving great things. The negative psychological thoughts that run through peoples’ minds make it often impossible for people to internalise their achievements and even though some people battle through this syndrome, others are not quite so lucky. It is self-doubt around one’s own success, it is a feeling that you are not as competent as other people seem to think you are.

Everyone has always thought that ‘Imposter Syndrome’ was unique to women, however it has been determined that a lot of men also feel that way too, and increasingly so.  Smart, skilled and capable professionals suffer form this syndrome and feel like frauds.

So why do people suffer from Imposter Syndrome?  There are lots of different reasons why people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Self-generated self-doubt, criticism from others, having to ask for help, comparing self to others.  Feelings such as ‘I just got lucky’ or ‘I don’t belong here’ are all part of Imposter Syndrome.  Professionals dealing with these feelings tend to already be top achievers who set their standards far too high and strive to be perfectionists and be over workers.  Rather than celebrating accomplishments, they worry that they are not good enough and live-in fear of being exposed. 

So, how can we learn to cope with Imposter Syndrome?

  • Realise that ‘you’re not alone’
  • Recognise the signs
  • Feel worthiness rather than feeling a fraud
  • Let go of our inner perfectionist – perfection is not realistic
  • Be kind to ourselves
  • Measure and track our successes
  • Take on more opportunities
  • Embrace the feeling

Turn Imposter Syndrome around, allow Futureproof to work with you on these skills to learn how to cope with those feelings.  You may want to attend our 90-minute virtual public open course on ‘Imposter Syndrome’ which is scheduled for the 15th September or you may be interested in running this in house for your managers / employees.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome workshop agenda

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