Why do we persist with performance appraisals?

In many organisations the administration, chasing and collation of information from the annual / biannual performance appraisal is not necessarily the most enjoyable task HR / L&D professionals are asked to carry out. Many appraisals are not completed on time and those that do come back do not always articulate good performance and development objectives that will help individuals and the business progress.

Based on the above, it has got to be worth asking the question, “what would happen if we just stopped doing them?”

Over recent years many organisations have done just that. Instead of looking for a replacement, businesses are looking for their managers and leaders to take more responsibility for the performance and development of their teams by employing a more fluid and regular approach.

‘Quality Conversations’ is one businesses shift in thinking. Encouraging managers to be proactive in engaging with their teams across a whole range of daily operational tasks. They are encouraging managers to get close to their people by….

  • Providing clear direction
  • Putting in place effective communication channels
  • Setting measurable objectives
  • Giving constructive feedback on poor / good performance
  • Offering support & additional guidance when required
  • Identifying development & progression opportunities

And, the good thing about this approach is its responsive nature. They want managers to act in a timely fashion and determined by the needs of the individual / team not wait until the six or twelve month process takes please.

Future Proof can support your managers go through a change in approach or we can work within your current performance review process to ensure that they understand the importance of a proactive and people centre approach to managing performance and progression. The formal part of the review then simply becomes and overview / summary of what we know is happening already.